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Omega Wealth Builders

We firmly believe that the evolution of the entertainment industry and indeed the business world is at a stage where a strong internet presence is a key factor to successful offline presence. The explosion in internet traffic and use by the entertainment conscious consumers fuelled by the massive success of social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter etc has created tremendous opportunities for serious players in the entertainment industry.

One of our subsidiaries, Omega Wealth Builders provides a solution that allows companies and individuals in the entertainment industry and beyond to harness the marketing and merchandizing power presented by internet. The company specializes in designing, creating, deploying and managing different kinds of websites that will help people and companies exploit their products and goodwill on the internet. We specialize in creating social networking sites that is built around the personality and career of each star in what we refer to as FANBOOK sites. The fanbook sites provide four different distinct solutions and opportunities for each star:

1. Forum to create a large loyal fan base with direct interaction with the Star.

2. Forum for Fans to network with each other and work together in promoting the artiste's brand.

3. Generate income for the artiste through advertising income from branding, advertising and promotions by companies on the site.

4. Strong base for artiste and their producers to promote their movies, music, fan items, products etc.

5. Affiliate Income opportunities through third party products that the artiste can promote through his or her site.